We can store your caravan, motor home or trailer tent / folding camper in our secure compound, park it on site and return it to the storage compound after your stay saving you time and trouble. Caravan cleaning and servicing is also available upon arrangement.


  • All prices include VAT at 20% 
  • Annual storage charge motorhome / caravan £520, payable in advance
  • Daily storage charge £1.50
  • Caravan cleaning £35

Storage Terms and Conditions

  1. Caravans should be vacated by 10am and should be sited by midday, when there are many movements there may be a delay in pitching.
  2. Please tell your insurers that your caravan is stored at Truro Caravan and Camping Park, Greenbottom, Truro, Cornwall TR4 8QN.
  3. All caravans are stored and towed at the owners risk and loss or damages must be claimed for on the owners insurance.  Please note we do not fix wheel clamps.
  4. Caravans are to be used by owners, relatives and friends and not let to the general public